Music Ministry

Christmas Concert, 2015
Music Director, Tim Hayden:
   Tim has been directing the choir and serving as Music Director at LaVergne First UMC since 1997.  He is a full‐time musician and owns his own recording studio in Nashville, Ned's Place Recording. He produces, arranges, orchestrates and records tracks for Alfred Publishing Company, Dollywood, Sight & Sound Theatres, The Alabama Theater in Myrtle Beach, Gaylord's "ICE!" Shows at the Opryland Hotel, and records the music for the main stage shows for several major cruise lines. Since 2005 he has served as Music Director for the Original Cast, a theatre group at Vanderbilt University. Tim enthusiastically invites you to join the choir or if you're an instrumentalist...come and talk to him about playing with us!

      Our choir is made up of folks who loveto sing. Yep, that's it. A love of singing and a belief in God areall that are required! Throughout the year, we sing classical, pop, gospel, rock & roll, praise and worship, country...just about anything that keeps us excited! It is our way of serving God and serving our church. It's like being part of a "church within a church", where you'll quickly become part of the family. We meet on Wednesdays from 6:30‐7:30 pm for most of the year. When we're preparing for special seasons of the year, like Easter and Christmas, we rehearse 6:30‐8:30pm. Child care is provided on an "as needed" basis. It's always a good idea to call the church or myself first, just to check the schedule. So, if  you have a love of singing and love the Lord, please come and be a part of our choir.

Tim Hayden
615.218.7019 or the Church office 615.793.6631
Choir Concerts
     In addition to singing on Sundays from July to the end of May every year, we do a Christmas Concert, a Spring Concert and a very special Good Friday service called "Tenebrae". The Christmas Concert is a traditional "choral" concert in style. It features the main Choir, soloists, and small groups from within the choir. Typically there are also guest soloists who come and share their Christmas spirit with us. We always do a wide variety of musical styles and send everyone off knowing that Jesus is on His way!
     The Spring Concert is a complete blow out! We empty the Sanctuary of chairs and ask folks to bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on and treat it like an outdoor festival. It's not unusual to see hula‐hooping and beach balls being tossed around the room! We sing all current Praise & Worship music with a full rhythm section. It's a real celebration and time of worship! Our Good Friday or "Tenebrae" service is a very moving service designed to help us experience the death of Christ so that on Easter Sunday we can more joyfully experience our risen Lord. Tenebrae literally means 'darkness'. The reality of Christ's death is encountered as lights in the Sanctuary are extinguished and symbols of the church removed while events of the crucifixion unfold. The choir presents several moving pieces during this emotional service.

Other Musical events

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      Twice during the year we have a "Writers Night". We invite 3‐4 Christian songwriters to come and they sit 'in the round and take turns sharing their original songs. Usually that will include a story or short explanation of how each song was inspired or how it came to be written. It's a very intimate and enjoyable way to worship through music. There is a barn on the church property and twice a year we gather outside under the evening stars and jokingly invite folks to come and be "barn again" at the Concert by the Barn! We listen to live acoustic music while we cook our food over a hot grill. Everyone brings a side dish or dessert to share and we cap it all off with a bon-fire and an old fashioned hymn sing!